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Our Wonderful Patron Denise Welch

Denise was approached by a friend to make a handprint for Tilly and agreed straight away to offer her support. On the same day we received a phone call from Denise asking if she could pop round to the house to meet Tilly.

When she arrived Denise was amazing.

So down to earth, she sat on the floor and played with the kids and said that she would love to support us by using her position to help with getting celebrity handprints. Of course, with Denise being a Loose Woman and having so many famous guests on the show, we have been able to build up an even more impressive collection of handprints.

We took a trip to Lapland with Denise after Tilly was nominated by a close friend (Julie Gibson of Walker, Newcastle). It was on this trip that we asked Denise if she would like to be patron of ‘The Give Tilly a Hand Appeal.’ Denise was honoured and looked very touched that we had asked her.

We couldn’t have asked for a better patron.

Denise is so hands on and really cares about Tilly, she spreads the word of our campaign and introduces us into her world. With Denise on our side, this campaign really does have massive opportunities.

Thank you Denise for everything that you do to help xxx

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Tillys Story
On Monday 22nd January 2007 Adam and Sarah Lockey were told Tilly had little chance of survival after contracting group B meningococcal septicaemia.

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Our Aims
On top of doing everything that we can to make Tillys life as normal as possible, making sure she has the same opportunities as any other child, we also work to raise awareness about Meningitis.

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