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Tilly hands were amputated in March 2007. Her toes dropped off at home. We have watched our baby girl in so much pain and be so brave. She truly is an inspiration to everyone she meets and manages so well without hands and walks unaided in normal shoes. She has her own style but at least she does it. Tilly took her first steps at the age of two and a half.

Giving Tilly a Hand...

We created the 'Give Tilly a Hand Appeal' to provide funds for the upkeep and renewal of the prothetics, as well as securing Tilly's future needs and adaptations. A charity called Meningitis Help offered us their support and use of their charity number so we could legally fundraise for Tilly. We decided that once we made the decision to buy the first pair of hands then we would have to be sure to have enough funds available to replace them for the rest of Tilly's life, and that was a huge commitment. This is what I do now. I dedicate my life to looking after my family and building up Tilly's trust fund.

She received her first prosthetic hands from Dorset Orthopaedic. She was three years old which made her the youngest child to receive that kind of electronic hand. She takes them to nursery every day and is learning to write and draw with them on. We want Tilly to be at the forefront of science so she can always have the best hands.

Touch Bionics (

We are currently working with the Scottish company Touch Bionics - the brains behind the i-LIMB Hand (the world’s first electronic prosthetic hand to offer five fully articulating fingers). The i-LIMB Hand is currently only available to children over 13 years of age, but with Tilly's help they are hoping to develop new child prosthetics for much younger children.

Hugh Gill, director of Touch Bionics’ Centre of Excellence, said: “Tilly’s device is now faster and can apply more grip force, which should help increase the range of tasks she can perform with it.” Watch this space for further developments...

Supporting Meningitis Help

Meningitis Help are the charity that we work under. Yearly we like to donate something back to Meningitis. Our case advisor Tony Neve has been there for us from the beginning and he is always there when we need him for advice and support. I can't think of a more worthy cause to raise money for. They help and support families up and down the country who have children in similar situations as Tilly!

If anyone needs any more info about anything you read on this site regarding the Meningitis Help charity please contact Tony at

Immunosonic Machine Appeal

Up until now if a child or adult was suspected of having Meningitis, in most cases they would have to undergo the trauma of having a lumber punch (spinal injection to draw off spinal fluid), then a culture would be made from that fluid. This can take up to 48 hours. With Meningitis time is of the uppermost importance, so a few hours delay can mean the difference between life and death.

The Immunosonic can diagnose all forms of Meningitis and Septicaemia from a simple blood sample without the need for a lumber punch in 30 MINUTES
- click here for further information on this important piece of equipment.

Our Patron
We are very lucky to have the wonderful Denise Welch as our patron. Denise has been pivotal in the ongoing success of the campaign, raising awareness and opening some celeb doors too!

Click here to read a bit more about Denise
We Need Your Hands
We are still appealling to celebrities and sports personalities to donate their unique signed hand print artwork to help our appeal. Do you know someone who can help?

Take a look at what we have received so far!
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